Frequently Asked Questions?

Parents seeking help for their children can quickly feel overwhelmed with information. We want you to feel comfortable making the best educational choices for your child.

Here are questions we are often asked at Van Roekel Learning Center.

Can your program truly help me/my child's learning challenges?

Yes! While each case is unique, we can assist children, teens, and adults with various learning differences. Our methods have proven effective in remediating these learning differences for a life-long benefit to the student.

Is a diagnostic screening necessary?

Testing goes way beyond labels! Our assessments help give us a roadmap to treatment. The evaluation we will perform gives us a starting point in developing a unique plan for each student. The evaluation allows us to work with your child's specific strengths and needs.

We have already had a diagnostic screening. Can you use that to determine services?

Yes! We would love to review any prior testing and use that to help determine if any additional testing is necessary before beginning targeted interventions.

How do we know if our child is making improvements?

That is a great question! All of our instructors are consistently providing progress feedback to our management team. We conduct regular progress measures, track weekly notes, and schedule observations to ensure students’ skills are growing. Progress Update reports are delivered once a month for all intensive students. These Progress Updates provide families and schools a record of the student's instructional skills over time and are a great opportunity to communicate these changes and future goals.

When can my student begin services?

Students can start our services anytime, and we are committed to following through until the learning gap is closed.

Where do you offer services?

We offer our services in our office located in Phoenix, AZ. In some cases, we provide services on-site at your child's school, home, library, or online. We have worked with children and their families in the field of education for over 20 years in the greater Phoenix area: Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale.